Distinguished faculty members, esteemed staff and students of Quds City Branch


We are proud that with the blessings of God Almighty and with your support and sympathy, dear ones, and the efforts and efforts of the officials, the Quds city unit is in a favorable condition and we must continue to work harder to achieve the holy goals of the Islamic Azad University. Provide the growth of the city of Quds as much as possible. I believe that the presence and participation of esteemed faculty members, honorable and hardworking staff and dear students of the unit can facilitate the growing movement of the unit.

For this reason, and in order to benefit from the constructive suggestions and criticisms of each of our esteemed colleagues, the following communication channels are available, and I welcome hearing any criticism of the performance of all constituencies and officials of the city of Quds. Undoubtedly, the criticisms and suggestions that are accompanied by sufficient documents and documents will pave the way for the improvement of affairs. I appreciate and thank each and every one of you for expressing your kindness and love